Experiencia de la neuromodulación en un hospital de alta complejidad

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Carlos A. Ciraolo
Agustín Battafarano
Alejandro L. Guala
Miguel Villaescusa


Neuromodulation is a medical practice established for more than forty years. In the neurosurgical field it plays a role in the treatment of different diseases (Parkinson, Dystonia, Epilepsy, etc) and has a great potential to apply in other pathologies (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Pelvic pain). In the last years the biotechnological industry has quadrupled the investment in this field because of the demand and therapy application.

Neuromodulation encompasses other specialities, for example otorhinolaryngology in cochlear implants, in cardiology with different models of pacemakers, endocrinology with implanted infusion pumps, urological gynecology in incontinence treatments, etc.

Our institution -the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires- applies all these techniques in its clinical practice, having a hierarchical role as a reference center in education and health policies. Due to these aspects, added to its infrastructure, professional staff and health approach, it can be considered as a reference Neuromodulation Center in the region.

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Ciraolo CA, Battafarano A, Guala AL, Villaescusa M. Experiencia de la neuromodulación en un hospital de alta complejidad. Rev. Hosp. Ital. B.Aires [Internet]. 29 de diciembre de 2022 [citado 16 de julio de 2024];42(4):p. 250-253. Disponible en: //ojs.hospitalitaliano.org.ar/index.php/revistahi/article/view/239
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